Cox Senators


Cameron Farr, Coppell TX   Major: Finance with a Real Estate Concentration 

  1. Serve on the Scholarship Committee and raise more money to give to students
  2. Create a lasting relationship with my fellow senators and faculty
  3. Make a link between senate and Aramark.

David Shirzad, Washington, D.C.   Major: Finance with Public Policy and International Affairs minor

  1. Taking action to help address the concerns that my constituents bring to me throughout the semester
  2. Working to make SMU a safer campus and community
  3. Provide a strong student voice when working with the administration and staff of SMU
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Cory Mitchell, Corona, CA   Major: EMIS

  1. Increased initiatives in Lyle
  2. Better listen to student needs
  3. Actively support important legislation
Jason Waller.jpg

Nick McLaughlin, Denver, CO   Major: Finance and Economics

  1. Helping Senate pass more legislation as a whole
  2. Potentially increase passing periods to accommodate for students in new dorms
  3. Increasing communication to student body
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Philip Spencer, Tulsa, OK Major: JD/MBA

  1. Meeting the needs of graduate students on campus
  2. Improving the facilities available to Cox School of Business students
  3. Increasing collaboration between graduate programs. 
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Samuel Gordon, Memphis, TN   Major: Finance and EMIS

  1. Allowing more classes in the Cox to double-count for major requirements in other schools
  2. Creating a Undergraduate Cox Concentration in Data Analytics
  3. Spreading awareness for scholarship opportunities available within Student Senate

Donna Charkhkar, Nashville, TN  Major: Finance and Markets & Culture

  1. Make Senate more transparent to constituents
  2. Work with campus security to clarify campus regulations on alcohol
  3. Improve school spirit