Student Senate Bulletin Board Request

Dear Leaders of the Chartered Organizations on Campus,

As many of you know, you have the opportunity to place advertisements in the Daily Campus Bulletin Board for free. So while we ask that you take advantage of the offer, we also ask that when sending your advertisements to us that you include and abide by the following:

  1. Place 'Ad Request' in the subject line of the email. 
  2. Include the name of Organization.
  3. Include the contact Person Name.
  4. Include the contact Person Email.
  5. Include the contact Person Phone Number.
  6. Date you would like to run ad (Bulletin Board runs every Monday).
  7. Indicate whether you have designed your own ad or would like me to design the ad for you.
  8. Please attach your artwork or a description of the ad to design.
  9. E-mail your request to
  10. Ads will be printed in black and white so send them like that ahead of time.

Also, please remember that the advertisement MUST be sent to us in PDF format. Ads MUST be turned in by Monday at 5:00 PM to be included for the next Monday's Bulletin Board. Failure to do so will result in a "Your Ad Could Not Be Processed" message. We will send this back to you immediately and, if you fix the mistakes and send it before Monday at 5:00 PM, then we will place it in the Bulletin Board. 

Note: Ads will be placed in the Bulletin Board on a first come, first serve basis! 

Thank you

Student Senate Communication Committee

If you have any question please email Claire Hermeling