Dedman Senators


Fairooz Adams, Lewisville, TX   Major: Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Public Policy & International Affairs

  1. Preserving and expanding viewpoint diversity and the freedom of speech and expression
  2. Expanding opportunities for students
  3. To efficiently allocate Student Center resources

Legislation authored: 

         S-103-21: A Resolution On Affirming Education's Protection Of Political                  Diversity

S-103-05: A Resolution On Expanding Viewpoint Diversity At Southern Methodist University


Nancy Gracen Klein, Mobile, AL   Major: Psychology with Law and Legal Reasoning minor

  1. Getting to know my constituents
  2. Increasing communication and transparency to bridge the gap between Senate and the rest of the SMU community
  3. Writing legislature to make real, meaningful changes

Legislation authored:

          S-103-18: A Resolution On Implementing Tissue Availability Within                         Classrooms


Declan Healey, Southborough, MA   Major: Statistics with a minor in Law & Legal Reasoning and Sports Management 

  1. Raise money for the Student to Student scholarship
  2. Get to know as many students as I can
  3. Avoid any major scandals
Jason Waller.jpg

Tripp Worley, St. Louis, MO Major: Marketing and Philosophy

  1. Providing more ways for Dedman students to get involved on campus
  2. Providing more opportunities for students at Boulevards
  3. Ensuring that the greatest 4 years of students' lives are, in fact, the greatest 4 years of their lives
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Diana Kay Manley, Dallas, TX   Major: Accounting and Economics

  1. Getting to know all my fellow senators
  2. Writing impactful legislation to better the SMU body
  3. Create more awareness about SMU Senate activities