The Finance Committee supervises and allocates a percentage of student fees to organizations and individuals each semester. Monies are allocated through the Semester Budget Process, Weekly Funding Requests, and Summer Senate.

SMU is a sales tax-exempt organization and the Comptroller’s Office does not reimburse or pay for taxes paid by SMU student organizations.

Please address any questions to the Finance Committee Chair, Caroline Matthews (

Submit Funding Request Forms Tuesdays by 3:30 PM

Click "Funding Request Form" to make a funding request at the weekly Finance Committee meeting.

Summer Finance Committee Meetings:

The Funding Request Form for summer finance goes live May 15. Requests received by May 27 will receive a response by May 31. Requests received by June 24 will receive a response by June 28. Requests received by July 22 will receive a response by July 26. Requests received by August 19 will receive a response by August 23.

Summer requests must be for events and activities that will take place before October 31, 2019.