Can student organizations recognized by Graduate Councils participate in the weekly funding process?

No. All organizations recognized by Graduate Councils receive their funding through those councils and are ineligible to submit additional requests through the weekly process.

How long is the presentation?

You will meet with the committee for about five minutes. You will explain the request for a minute or two, but the majority of the time will be for members of the committee to ask you questions about the request.

Do I need to dress up?

Casual dress is encouraged! You do not need to change from whatever you would otherwise be wearing. Don’t feel that you need to change into more or less formal attire for your meeting.

How many people will be at the meeting?

There will be 10-15 people representing the finance committee. These people are either student senators or general members.

What questions will I be asked? 

There is no set list of questions that presenters are asked. If you know details about the items you are requesting, you will be fine!

Should I bring anything?

The finance committee will have a copy of your request. Anything else is up to you!