First Year Senators


Spencer Blakley, Memphis, TN   Major: Mechanical Engineering/Specialization in Biomedical with Spanish Minor

  1. Bringing music to Arnold and Umph!
  2. Bringing the SMU community together!
  3. Increasing Campus Safety!


Hank Cohen.jpg

Hank Cohen, Dripping Springs, TX Major: Political Science and Communications

  1. Improving the condition of multiple facilities across campus
  2. Trying to understand the reasons for the current spike in campus crime, while trying to improve the relationship between undergraduate population and the SMU Police Department
  3. Raising student awareness regarding the activities of all SMU on-campus organizations to foster inclusivity and productivity among the student population

Sloane Fuller, Nashville, TN   Major: International Studies & Public Policy

  1. Meeting as many of my first-year constituents as possible
  2. Bridging the gap between the students and Senate so that students understand what Senate really does and the extent to which it can be a vehicle for change on our campus
  3. Increasing the transition period between classes to allow students more time to travel across campus

Zachary Kosub, Austin, TX Major: Real Estate Finance

  1. Be very involved and vocal in Senate
  2. Improve quality of life for freshmen living on  campus
  3. Increased accountability and communication for Senators

Legislation Authored:

         S-103-11: A Resolution On Prohibiting Laptop Computers From Chamber


Claire Catlin, Los Angeles, CA   Major: Finance and Political Science with History minor

       1. Working with my fellow Senators on improving campus life here at SMU           2. Connecting with my constituents and bringing their issues into chamber         3. Working in Finance Committee on funding student-led projects and                     organizations