The Investment Committee manages the Students' Association's investment portfolio. The committee operates much like a real investment firm and gives hard-working, ambitious business or econ students real world experience with investment management. Members will split into teams and participate in five presentation cycles throughout the school year in which professional investment proposals are made to the committee's advisors, Clint Gilchrist and Weston Hebert, for approval. The goals of the committee are (1) to promote and maximize wealth accumulation by the SMU Students' Association for the purpose of funding future capital expenditures which benefit the SMU student body and (2) to attract and retain outstanding members of the Investment Committee and provide them with applicable real world experience with investing.

Committee Members:

Chair: Greg Hopkins 

Vice Chair: Darren Poon


  • Nehal Patel
  • Jason Rinehart
  • Chasen Volkel


  • Grayson Alberhasky
  • Nick Anderson
  • Ryan Bostick
  • Arch Brooke
  • Donna Charkhkar
  • Disha Garg
  • Kyle Heller
  • Turner Hinrichs
  • Caleb Holton
  • Nick Killian
  • Nick McLaughlin
  • Elizabeth Orscheln
  • David Shirzad
  • Nofil Siddiqi
  • Cami VanHorn
  • Andrew Watts
  • Ciara Wolfe