Lyle Senators


Aleena Taufiq, Irving, TX   Major: Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics 

  1. Connecting groups and organizations with common goals to create a sense of unity between every group on campus
  2. Raising awareness for various opportunities available to students
  3. Improving on-campus facilities for disabled students and faculty

Legislation authored:

     S-103-20: A Resolution Requesting New Chairs In the Jerry Junkins Building        Room 113

Caroline Street.jpg

Caroline Street, Houston, TX   Major: Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics 

  1. Improve campus safety
  2. Increase inclusivity on campus between non-greek/greek/athletes
  3. improve and encourage the stigma about campus involvement
Michael Schlinkert.jpg

Cory Mitchell, Corona, CA   Major: EMIS

  1. Increased initiatives in Lyle
  2. Better listen to student needs
  3. Actively support important legislation
Jason Waller.jpg

Jason Waller, Sherman, TX   Major: Management Science with Math Minor

  1. Adding Athlete-LGBT-MilVet seats to senate
  2. Serving on Student Center and Organization Committees
  3. Identifying opportunities to bring diverse, multi-cultural groups together.

Legislation authored:

S-103-09: A Resolution On Amending The SMU Student Body Constitution And The SMU Student Senate By-Laws To Add A MILVET Student Seat