The Communications Committee promotes Student Senate activities, manages Senate social media accounts and the Student Senate website, designs the annual Senate apparel and marketing items, oversees the use of the Student Senate logo, and facilitates communication between the Senate, the student body, and the SMU community.

For more information, email the Communications Chair, Lindsey Carrier, at lkcarrier@smu.edu.

Diversity & inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee reviews all interests directly related to the issues of diversity on the SMU campus. These interests include, but are not limited to, minority student admissions, minority student retention, and the needs and issues of organizations defined as Multicultural, Religious, and/or Special Interest. Many members of the committee sit in on meetings of organizations defined under these categories. The Diversity Committee is also tasked with representing SMU to the outside community, going out into Dallas and providing service and recruitment. Finally, the Diversity Committee provides a definition of “diversity” through actions that show issues of diversity at SMU are beyond that of just race or ethnicity and encompass a much larger realm.

For more information, email the Diversity & Inclusion Chair, Taylor Johnson, at johnsontd@smu.edu.


The Finance Committee oversees the Senate Funding Process which is available to student organizations and individuals across campus. This process includes reviewing semester budget requests from chartered organizations every semester as well as seeing funding requests during weekly meetings throughout the semester. Requests that the Finance Committee funds have included campus-wide events, sports and academic competitions, organizational conferences, individual research conferences, and operating expenses including meeting food and office supply costs for individual organizations. The ultimate goal of the Finance Committee is to ensure that the student fees allocated to Senate are spent responsibly and in a way that brings the highest return back to SMU students and the SMU community.

For more information, visit the Finance page or contact the Finance Chair, Caroline Mathews, at cemathews@smu.edu.


The Investment Committee manages the Students' Association's investment portfolio. The committee operates much like a real investment firm and gives hard-working, ambitious Business or Economics students real world experience with investment management. Members will split into teams and participate in five presentation cycles throughout the school year in which professional investment proposals are made to the committee's advisors, Clint Gilchrist and Weston Hebert, for approval. The goals of the committee are (1) to promote and maximize wealth accumulation by the SMU Students' Association for the purpose of funding future capital expenditures which benefit the SMU student body and (2) to attract and retain outstanding members of the Investment Committee and provide them with applicable real world experience with investing.

For more information, contact the Investments Chair, Bradford Beck, at bbeck@smu.edu.


The Membership Committee coordinates and conducts student body elections. Additionally, the committee screens and recommends qualified students for vacancies within the Senate and for general members for Senate committees. The committee also holds periodic bonding events for Senate members and works to increase general member engagement with the rest of the Senate. Each spring, the Membership Committee reviews and revises the Student Senate Election Code before the annual spring elections.

For more information, contact the Membership Chair, Lexxi Clinton, at lclinton@smu.edu.


The Organizations Committee reviews groups applying for chartered status. The committee makes recommendations concerning those organizations in the process of becoming officially recognized by the University as a fully chartered organization. The committee reviews, oversees, and makes recommendations regarding all SMU student organizations.

For more information, visit the Organizations page or contact the Organizations Chair, Chris Earles, at cearles@smu.edu.

Scholarship & Endowment

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for awarding the Student Senate Scholarships that are available to all SMU students. There is an initial screening process of all applications and a deliberation period, after which the finalists are contacted for an interview. From these interviews, the scholarship recipients are chosen by the students on the committee and confirmed by the Senate.

The Endowment Committee serves primarily to organize fundraising campaigns and solicit contributions to the Student Senate Endowment Fund, which is the source of funding for Student Senate Scholarships. In addition, the members of the committee set policy for establishing new and revising existing scholarships, monitor closely the performance of the investment portfolio, and serve in an advocacy role in encouraging students, student organizations, and SMU alumni to raise money for the fund.

For more information, contact the Scholarship & Endowment Chair, Mushfequr Rahman, at mushfequrr@smu.edu.

Student Concerns

The Student Concerns committee is committed to pursuing tangible changes that make the SMU student experience better. This semester we are focused on understanding and trying to lower the rates that student organizations pay to have space on the boulevard, improving the dining experience on campus, and making the Health Center a more welcoming and useful resource for the SMU student body.

Need to report a lighting or safety concern? Fill out a Facilities Work Request here.

Please address any questions or concerns to Student Concerns Chair, Julia Daniels, at jedaniel@smu.edu.