Pre-Major Senators


Adam Bixby, Kansas City, MO   Major: Political Science and Public Policy

  1. Coordinating more with senators
  2. Get more students involved in more clubs and extracurriculars
  3. Simplify the communication process between students and their senators

Baxter Cantrell, Bentonville, AR Major: Finance and Spanish

  1. Work on Greek housing contract

Ben Ovenshire, Dallas, TX  Major: Mechanical Engineering and Math

  1. Increasing the visibility of the CAPS program
  2. Ensuring that the university can meet the Mental Health needs of the students
  3. Improving the campus ride services
Jason Waller.jpg

Davis Wells, Paris, TN  Major: Finance with Art History minor

  1. Being approachable and accessible to my constituents
  2. South Quad Renovation
  3. Increasing the embracement of differences within our campus!



Julia Scambray, Seattle, WA  Major: Business with Art Minor

  1. Helping pre major students have a better understanding of their major and their future goals
  2. Fixing the landscaping in front of the south quad
Kelsey Shipman.jpg

Kelsey Shipman, Dallas, TX   Major: Economics, Public Policy, World Language

  1. Improve communication among senate members
  2. Increase campus-wide awareness of senate's activities
  3. Work to promote SMU's resources (such as the career center) so that more students can take advantage

Trey Dalton, Winter Park, FL  Major: Pre Med Environmental Science with Violin Performance minor

  1. Improving campus amenities
  2. Increasing the relevance and impact of campus environmental initiatives
  3. Promoting more discussion among the residential commons and senate to help improve every aspect of the SMU experience

Legislation authored:

    S-103-19: A Resolution To Amend The SMU Student Senate Policies And             Procedures For The Addition Of Student Senate/Assembly Of Residential           Housing Liaisons