The Scholarship Committee is responsible for awarding the Student Senate Scholarships that are available to all SMU students. There is an initial screening process of all applications and a deliberation period, after which the finalists are contacted for an interview. From these interviews, the scholarship recipients are chosen by the students on the committee and confirmed by the Senate.


  • We are only able to award money towards tuition.

  • You must have an SMU G.P.A. to apply.

  • Resumes should be no longer than one page.

  • There are scholarships for which everyone is eligible

  • You do not need any requisite involvement or experience


  • Applications open NOW

Please address any questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair.

Committee Members:

Chair: Cameron Farr  

  • Senator Christine Hensley  
  • Senator Casey Rose
  • Larissa Spies
  • Morgan Shafa
  • John David Clark
  • Matthew Bullock
  • Matthew Hunt
  • Hunter Kolon

Fall Student Senate Scholarship Recipients:

Graduate Scholarships

Emmett Conrad Minority Scholarship - $3,000Vivek Sanghvi Jain

Homer B. Reynolds III Scholarship - $3,000: Shashank Aggarwal, Mathieu Debi, Gary Stolar

Undergraduate Scholarships

Bobby E. Leach Scholarship - $2,500: Meredith Burke, Destiny Murphy

Brian H. Harelik Memorial Scholarship - $2,500: Tyler Steudel

Emmett Conrad Minority Scholarship - $2,500: Iqra Parupia

Homer B. Reynolds III Scholarship - $2,000: David Shirzad

Mike Miller SMU Student Foundation - $2,000: Cory Mitchel, Sam Weber

O. Paul and Ann Corley Scholarship - $2,000: Tamara Winter

Phi Delta Theta Scholarship - $2,000: Rumaldo Robles

Professor Jack Stieber Scholarship - $3,000: Daniel Rosa