Semester Budget Information

Student Senate allocates a percentage of student fees each semester to student organizations to facilitate and promote the student experience that SMU provides.  The necessary meetings and deadlines corresponding with semester budgets can be found on the Senate calendar and the Senate website's homepage.  In order to maximize your organization's potential funding, it is crucial that you understand the allocation process.

Semester Budgets

Only fully-chartered organizations are eligible to request and receive a semester budget through the Student Senate. Organizations with probationary or temporary status are not eligible to receive a budget.

How to Submit Your Semester Budget

To submit your budget, please send your properly-formatted request to with your organization's name and contact information. Additionally, submit a printed and signed copy of your budget's "Summary Page" to the Students' Association Comptroller's Office, located in the SAMSA on the third-floor of Hughes-Trigg, by the submission due date.

Semester Budget Process

Step 1:

Your organization's President and Treasurer must each attend one of three Mandatory Budget Information Sessions. Failure for either or both members to attend at least one meeting will result in the inability to submit and receive a budget. Session dates and times will be posted on the Senate homepage.

Step 2:

Submit an electronic copy of your budget to with your organization name and contact information. The due date for submission will be posted on the Senate homepage.

Step 3: 

Submit one signed, printed copy of your budget summary page to the Comptroller's Office by the due date for submission.

Semester Budget Submission Timeline

October 29- Budgets due to by 5 pm.

October 30- Late budgets will receive a 10% penalty.

October 31- Late budgets will receive a 25% penalty.

November 1- Late budgets will no longer be accepted (beginning 12:00 am, 11/1/12).

Important Information

  1. When completing your budget, place programs and events in order of importance.
  2. Label your excel tabs with the corresponding event or program.
  3. Budgets submitted on-time are funded alphabetically to ensure equal and fair distribution of funds.
  4. Late budgets are funded in the order in which they are received, and after all on-time budgets are funded.

Please address any questions to the Finance Committee Chair.