Semester Budget Information


All organizations receiving funding for the Spring 2017 must use ID scanners at all of their funded events. ID scanners may be reserved at the following link: No check requests will be approved without both receipts AND attendance data.

All fundraisers hosted in the Spring 2017 semester must reimburse Student Senate the funds allocated to them before any profit may be deposited into the organization's checking account.

All events hosted using Student Senate appropriated funds must have the Funded by Student Senate logo included on all advertisements. Organizations that fail to include the logo may be ineligible for further Senate funding. This logo can be found at the following link: 

If you would like to reappropriate any of your semester budget funding, email IN ADVANCE.

The Senate Finance Committee allocated ALL of the Spring 2017 budget. If you have an event that received no funding, it is possible we simply did not have enough money to cover your event. Do not hesitate to email me with questions about the finance committee's decisions. I encourage you to apply for weekly funding for many of these events. The weekly funding request form is found at the following link, but DOES NOT REOPEN UNTIL JANUARY 2017: 

If you feel strongly that there was a mistake made when determining your semester budget and would like to appeal the committee's recommendation, please email by 3:30 PM Tuesday, November 8.

Thank you for applying for a Spring 2017 Semester Budget. Y'all have great events planned and I look forward to your organizations' successes. Email me with questions. Give me a full week to reply because I need to reclaim my life for a hot second; however, I'll be sure to answer emails from those who file for (or have questions about) appeals within 24 hours.

Link to budgets -