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Chamber 10/18

Speaker's Podium

Shannon Glenn and Andrew Upton of the Dedman School of Law came to the chamber this Tuesday to tell us about the Board of Advocates (BOA) and all of the great things they do to bring up a new generation of the best people in America through mock trials, arbitration competitions, transactional law competitions and more! Just kidding, lawyers are great, and the BOA is great. They're the largest student-run organization on campus, ranked 5th in the nation for advocacy, and they're obviously very good at what they do. They've won national championships, regional championships, and their Dallas Kid's Project teaches kids from all over the Dallas area how important lawyers are. Bottom line is they do a ton for the community and a ton for SMU.

Reports on the old and the new


  • Mustang Fitness requested $525 but Finance didn't fund them because it wasn't a team event. The Cox MBA Rugby Club was given $4025 to help pay for individual vehicles to go to Austin for a tournament. SMU Polo Club got all the money they needed to go and compete in an upcoming tournament, and if they win they get to be featured in Polo Magazine. I'm not sure if it's Ralph Lauren or U.S. Polo Association, but honestly we'll take what we get. The SMU Dance Marathon was granted $3,000 out of $3,000 requested because anything that features the words dance and marathon really deserves the world. And then one other thing was that the Mustang Mavericks got invited to go and perform at the Presidential Inauguration so the wonderful people over at the Finance Committee thought it'd only be fair to give them a little bit of money this time even for such a small event. 


  • This week Organizations recommended that MASH, National Association of Black Accountants, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers receive temporary charter because they are all awesome, up and coming groups on campus that have a lot of potential to do a lot for the students involved and the school. The bad news is that Orgs is working on the revocation of these clubs: Graduate Economics, Hip Hop, Persian Student Society, Saudi Students Association, SMU Water Polo, and the Triathlon Club. R.I.P. y'all.

*We then took a recess to go party with the Faculty Senate in the Hughes Trigg Ballroom for an hour. It was crazy, Drake performed, then Ken Bone showed up. It was wild. 

NEW Business

Senator Lucci is currently working to improve the lives of all bikers on campus. As of now, students are not allowed to keep their bikes inside, even during fall, winter and spring break. Mr. Lucci has found that the crime reports regarding the theft of bikes spikes (see what I did there) during January after students have returned from their winter breaks. So, what he's looking into is the logistics of being able to store these bikes in the residential commons while the owners are off having fun in Cabo without their bikes. Senator Lucci is also looking to add new bike racks by the Fondren Science Building because there is a definite need for more bike racks in that area of campus. Another aspect of this legislation is the possible construction of bike lanes along the Boulevard and Airline, areas where a majority of foot and bike traffic occurs. This met some opposition from fellow members of the Senate as it would require some major structural changes to the campus, so stay tuned for our edition next week to find out what happens in the 'Senator Lucci Chronicles: The Story of a Biker's Hero.'

Officer Reports

President Red Rain of the 103 

President Rainey was very happy to have had the reception with the Faculty Senate this week and hopes that it can foster more interaction and cooperation between the two bodies. He also executed his presidential duties by swearing in a new graduate law senator. After an exciting fall break in Washington D.C. at the National Student Government Conference with his fellow members of Exec. he was very proud of the 103rd Student Senate and all that they have been able to accomplish so far. Also be on the look out for a quarterly email this week listing all the initiatives and opportunities happening on campus. 

Vice Prez Fletcher

In Vice President Fletcher's 'Resource Spotlight' this week she highlighted the SMU Dietitian, and how if you have any complications with your diet and the available food here on campus you can always email the Dietary Office at dietitian@smu.edu. Ms. Fletcher is also still working with Not on My Campus to promote awareness against sexual assault as she is looking to get numerous schools and organizations to say, "Not on my _______."

Secretary Will Jones

Secretary Jones is still working diligently to fill both an Athletic and Military-Veteran Senate seat that should be coming to the chamber by the spring semester. 

Speaker of the House Will Stovall

Nothing major going on here this week. 

Chief of Staff Spencer Reppond 

Working to create a recycling collaboration group within senate to expand the recycling bin initiative to other buildings across campus and raising awareness in favor of reusable water bottles. 

GAO Potter

Forming a collaboration to bring snack machines to the Dedman School of Law for those lawyer hopefuls who get the late night munchies. 

Parliamentarian DeVera

The facilities collaboration group is off to a great start as they are focusing on renovations to the South Quad and the acquisition of two ply toilet paper for on campus bathrooms. We gon' get Charmin ultra-soft!!!

Executive Director Jones

Thursday, October 27th from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. the Office of MultiCultural Student Affairs needs volunteers for an event so if you're multicultural or uni-cultural and love volunteering, stop by and ask how you can help. JJ also reminded us this week to stay in our lane. Is JJ Jones actually Kevin Hart? We don't know. If you don't get that reference then you need to go culture yourself. 

Committee Reports


Our new senate website is up and running! The URL is www.smustudentsenate.com. We also produced a new video on how to book an appointment with one of our senators (Link below). Make sure to follow us on both Instagram and Twitter @SMUsenate for weekly updates on senate, students and events. 

Video link: https://vimeo.com/187761430


Be on the look out for a Senate sponsored Mental Health Day to celebrate all the diversity here at SMU. Chair Cox is also looking to work on the SMU Student Code of Conduct to regulate what kind of behavior is regarded as offensive and racist. 


The Endowment Committee is raising money all next week outside of the Hughes Trigg Student Center. They are looking to raise a minimum of $1,000 for a student scholarship so please stop by and donate #GiveMoney.


Go check out our scholarship event on the SMU Senate Facebook #GetMoney.

Student Concerns 

There's a dining survey that SMU Dining Services is promoting. So, if you want to have any say in what you eat go fill out the survey. Link: http://www.college-survey.com/smu


Thank you and have a great week, 

SMU Senate