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Chamber 3/1/16

It's the week before Spring Break!! So I'll keep this one short, you're welcome. 

Speaker's Podium:

  • Heard from Dr. Pamela Anthony--our new Vice President of Student Affairs as of February 1st. Whooo, welcome Pamela!
  • Doug Levy, UPenn grad, spoke about his startup--TapGoods. It's actually pretty awesome; you basically can rent things like hoverboards, games, textbooks I think too? OR you can list them! Click the link to learn more: https://www.tapgoods.com/

Officer Reports & Announcements:

  • There may soon be a designated voting station on campus. 
  • March 21st-24th is Diversity Week! Whoo. Events to follow, stay tuned. 
  • Update on Referendum did not pass. If youre wondering what this is, you received a few emails last week on having the option to vote for a second vice president position in Senate, one for internal and one for external affairs. 
  • Senator applications are still open for next year! Will be closing next Sunday!

Thats all! See yall after Spring Break..make good choices!