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Chamber 3/15/16

Speakers Podium:

Randy Jones, Executive Director of the Health Center, speaks on core values and expresses the want and need for the Health Center to be more involved on SMU's campus. He says, "I am committed to making the health center something that is responsive to your needs...I am committed ultimately to the whole idea of higher education and seeing students develop even though I am focused here on health care."

Officer Reports

  • Lael Melville was sworn into the Perkins School of Theology senator seat. Yay
  • Centenniel Promenade to be done by April 1st!
  • Meadows feasibility study coming soon
  • More parking to be added to East Campus

Committee Reports


  • GAO position is still open
  • SBO debates are next Tuesday in the commons
  • Elections are next Wednesday and Thursday


  • Next week is diversity week! (Check us out on FB or our Event Calendar for deets)