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Chamber 2/16/16

Committee Reports


  • OMG! Yesterday we pitched to Senate about having a 'Senate Skimm' section on the new Senate website and wahh lahh here we are! Whats Senate Skimm? Well youre reading it! Its your one stop shop for the last campus gossip! .... lol. okay its not but kind of. Its where you can find out FIRST what is going on around campus. Ever wonder what exactly Student Senate does and what a chamber session is like? Well, first of all youre more than welcome to sit it on one (every Tuesday at 3:30 in the HT forum) OR you can "skimm" / read about it right here! I'll give you the highlights of the meetings here. If you follow up on Twitter, you know about #ItsSenateTime and THIS, this is a more detailed version of that. So, be sure to check us out every Wednesday at noon, when we go live to learn about what's going on around YOUR campus.