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Chamber 9/13

First of all, congrats to all the newly sworn in senators! Whoo! You’re life has just now begun.

Speaker’s Podium

Dr. Jeane Stevenson-Moessner, President of the Faculty Senate joined us today expressing her concern on campus. The first being safetly, which we are all right there with you Dr. Jeane. I’ve been so freaked out lately with all this gun control, robberies and stupid clown shenanigans. The bill that the faculty senate and risk manangent are proposing is asking administration to review current emergency and security procedures, take the steps necessary to keep pace with the changing concerns, and report back to the senate.

“My goal is to make SMU the safest campus in the nation, so let’s saddle up for safety,” says Dr. Jeane. Yeee-haw! (My words, not hers.)

New Business

  • Rainey, Jones, DeVera, Shipman, and Shirzad on new bill on the Reformation of Office Hours Policy and the Creation of Collaboration Groups. So what does S-103-3 do? It will update senate’s by-laws to reflect the new online appointment system, it amends office hours or gives you the choice to participate in a collaboration group. The bill is very flexible but will hold senators accountable.

Officer Reports

 President Rainey

  • An indoor performance center is being built where Wescott Field currently is, (wtf). 2018-2019 is the proposed construction date and don’t worry about parking, a new lot will be built where Moore Hall is in May. The only path to be closed will be between Ford Stadium and Wescott Field, and the project will be about a year and half. Yay more campus construction (eye roll) – will it ever end? **begin debate in the chamber, everyone sure had a lot to say on this one!**

Vice-Pres. Fletchers

  • Senate and the Big Comfy Couch

    •  So this will be a couch that will be placed where there is high foot traffic on campus and student can approach senate and chat, express any concerns, ask questions, etc. It’ll sort of be like office hours for senators. I love this! OMG. It’ll be a great way to start conversation on campus.

  • BLVD Space prices have gone up from $4000 to $6000-again wtf, do they think were a bunch of rich kids or something?

GAO Potter

  • If youre not a law student please stop parking in the law garage, law students are getting upset and trust me, you probably don’t want to get into it with them..

  • Arrests for alcohol abuse and drug violations are up this year, admin is looking to diminish these numbers…so lets leave all of that craziness for the weekend off campus guys, will ya?

Parliamentarian DeVera

  •  “Keep being awesome and Raise Hell-that’s what we have to do to make change.” Thank you Mr. DeVera.

Executive Director Jones

  • This Friday 9/16 at 11:45 will be the dedication for the new Dr. Bob Smith Health Center and a 12:30 there will be a celebration with food trucks and live bands.

  • National Night Out and the active shooter stimulation with be October 4th.