(Preliminary step: visit Starting an Organization 101)

  1. Apply for Temporary Charter on Connect.SMU

    • Must have 10 members on roster and an organization advisor

    • Attach Constitution and By-Laws that must include the Nondiscrimination Clause that follows:

      • Organization X does not discriminate during the membership /officer selection process based on: race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

  2. Present to the Senate Organizations Committee

    • 10 minute presentation discussing your organization's goals, benefit to the community, future programs, etc.

    • Vote is taken to recommend the Temporary Charter

  3. Organizations Committee Chair Presents to the Senate

    • First week: Presents the recommendation as New Business

    • Second week: Presents the recommendation as Old Business and Student Senate votes

  4. Check up on the Organization 6 months later

    • Electronic check-in of progress, membership, and events held

  5. Present to Organizations Committee for Full Charter

    • 10 minute presentation of accomplishments during the past year

    • Vote is taken to recommend the Full Charter

  6. Repeat Step 3 for Full Charter status

For more information, contact Organizations Chair, Chris Earles, at