There are three funding channels provided by Student Senate: Semester Budgets, Weekly Funding Requests, and Summer Senate.

1. Semester Budgets

Semester Budgets are only available to fully-chartered organizations, which excludes those with probationary, temporary, or frozen charter status. Budgets are submitted to, then amended by, the Committee, and then presented to the Student Senate chamber for approval. View Semester Budget Information.

2. Weekly Funding Requests

Monies funding weekly requests derive from two funds: Chartered Organizations and Senate (see details in the section below).

All funding requests should abide by and reflect compliance with the Finance Committee Standards.

The Committee does not fund for prior debt, which is defined as any expenses incurred before presenting your request to the Committee.

All weekly funding requests must be submitted by 3:30 PM Tuesday to be heard at Thursday’s Finance Committee meeting. Once your request has been submitted, you will be scheduled a time between 3:30-5:00 PM Thursday to present your request to the Committee. Following your presentation, the Committee will notify you and the Student Senate of the Committee’s decision. A two week Senate-approval process begins the first Tuesday after the Committee’s meeting. Once approval is complete, the Finance Chair will email you the final amount funded and the necessary steps to obtain your funds.

Chartered Organizations Fund (COF):

Who is eligible?

Fully-charted organizations, which does not include those with probationary, temporary, or frozen charter status.

What can be funded?

  • Programs, events and capital items not funded for in semester budgets.

  • Programs, events and capital items not previously requested for in semester budgets.

  • New or unforeseen costs associated with programs or events.

Senate Fund:

Who is eligible?

Any campus organization, group, or individual including organizations with probationary or temporary status (excluding organizations with frozen charters).

What can be funded?

Any item or expense may be requested per compliance with Committee standards.

3. Summer Senate

Approximately $25,000 is allocated to campus organizations and groups each summer during four Senate meetings. Meeting dates for the summer will be posted on the Senate website during the month of May.

Please address any questions to the Finance Committee Chair (