SMU Student Senate represents the SMU Students' Association - the entire student body - within the University's governance structure. The Senate initiates action on student concerns, oversees revisions to the Student Code of Conduct, and charters and recognizes student organizations.  The Scholarship Committee of the Student Senate is responsible for awarding the Student Senate Scholarships that are available to all SMU students.  There is an initial screening process of all applications and a deliberation period, and the finalists are contacted for an interview. From these interviews, the scholarship recipients are chosen by the students on the Student Senate Scholarship Committee.


  • We are only able to award money towards tuition.

  • You must have an SMU G.P.A. to apply.

  • Resumes should be no longer than one page.

  • There are scholarships for which everyone is eligible

  • You do not need any requisite involvement or experience

Please address any questions to the Scholarship Committee Chair.