S-104-19: A Resolution to Have the SANE Nurse On Call at the SMU Health Center

S-104-18: A Resolution on Free Speech and the Student Bill of Rights

S-104-17: A Resolution on Implementing Stipends to Select Student Senate Roles

S-104-16: A Resolution on Advertising Standards

S-104-15: A Resolution on Speaking Event Promotion Timeline

S-104-14: A Resolution on Extending the Cox Business Library Hours

S-104-13: A Resolution on Decreasing Student Fees to Allow for a More Equitable Distribution of Financial Aid

S-104-12: A Resolution on a Bill of Rights for Student Safety in Response to Communications and Actions that Violate University Anti-Discrimination Policy

S-104-11: A Resolution on Beginning Instructions for the 105th Student Senate

S-104-10: A Resolution on Including Professor Research on Class Syllabi

S-104-09: A Resolution on Implementing a New Withdrawal Date

S-104-08: A Resolution Honoring the Life and Services of Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler

S-104-07: A Resolution to Extend the Deadline for the Selection of Committee Chairs

S-104-06: A Resolution on Creating an Ad Hoc Committee on Ensuring Title IX Fairness and Compliance

S-104-05: A Resolution on Refunding Students

S-104-04: A Resolution Calling for Increased Accountability and Communication From The Office Of Facilities Management and Planning

S-104-03: A Resolution on Accounting 2301 Prerequisites

S-104-02: A Resolution Honoring the Services of Karen Click

S-104-01: A Resolution on Free Speech on SMU Campus

Legislation from Past Years